Educational Day

Dubai Ballroom @ JW 12 April 2016 8 h 30 min - 9 h 45 min

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– Dress Code: Business attire

We are the Future: Confident, Competent, Compassionate

  • 8:30 – Welcome by Tourism Dubai


Keynote Speaker : Trevor BOTKIN, Partner and Senior Vice President of Think8 Systems
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TISOH – The International School Of Hospitality.

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The partnership of Les Clefs d’Or and TISOH, presenting these education sessions, bridges the gap between academia and industry. “Les Clefs d’Or is the pre-eminent Concierge association, one that exemplifies guest services at its highest level. Together with TISOH’s expertise in practical training, this endeavor creates a program of value that attendees will take to all parts of the globe to further the spirit and delivery of hospitality” said Anders Ruggiero, 3rd Vice President of Les Clefs d’Or and Chef Concierge of Hotel d’Angleterre, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Introduction of the 14 competencies
  • Timothy H. Lam CHT CGSP Executive Director
  • Donnell G. Bayot, Ph.D., CHE, CPCE, CFBE, Director of Academic Affairs


9:45 – 10:15 – Morning Coffee Break