It is with great pride that we present you the Organizing Committee of our 63rd UICH “Les Clefs d’Or” congress. All of its Members, Clefs d’Or as well as Members of the local Concierges association, have placed the bar very high with the ambition to make this congress, an event that will remain memorable for us as for them who have been keen to invest all their energy and their pride in welcoming us to Amazing Dubaï.


The Organizing Committee is made of several Sub-Committees as follows:

Congress President: Abey Sam

Emergency Committee: Abey Sam, Amod Jha and Mark Corpus

Registration & Accommodation: Abey Sam, Oussama Itani & Shahadab Padinhar

Meet & Greet / Farewell: Arul Murugan & Kamal Jayalath

Vending Committee: Mark Corpus

PR and Media: Amod Jha

Transportation: Mahesh Brid

Event Committee: Devanand Pareva & Mandar Naik

Room Drop & Gifts Committee: Ashok Kuckian & Hector Laylo