If all roads lead to Rome, most of them stop by Dubai nowadays. The new center of the world is the crossroads of civilizations where east meets west. Dubai, once a peaceful fishermen’s village well know for its pearls, surprises us today with its futuristic buildings emerged from a sea of sand, its artificial peninsulas, its huge shopping malls and always more luxurious hotels, its projects and its challenges, always crazier, beyond the limits of the possible.

One must have seen Dubai, and even if you do not succumb to its disproportion, how remain indifferent? Dubai fascinates and embodies in the present a vision of a future that we dared not imagine. She is full of energy and, in construction night and day, it does not seem able to stop its frantic race.

The program that was carefully prepared by our hosts will allow us to discover most of the iconic sites that have made Dubai one of the most popular destinations in the world.